♡Tiny Foot♡
Drakeweather.com why is it so nippy out!?! Whatev Drake the type to order a pumpkin spice latte on a day like today anyway.
😻Goodbye dummie mean cat. I love you Netflix, despite the fact that you’ll never love me back.😼
A hui hou kākou Honolulu, you’re the best place on earth 🌴
Also I saw this tiny pug last night 😻 I’ll miss you jhune bug!
❤️So glad I got to see this tiny bug before I flew the coop tonight, can’t wait to see her in Malibu next🌴
😼Too busy blocking all the haters😼
🌴Getting my final food bases covered: Li Hing Sour watermelons 🍉, POG 🍊, Cali and Oyster poke 🎣 AND #Leonards malasadas!!
☕️Coffee jelly, just number #277953257 of the things I miss about Hawaii🌴
😸Happiness is surly fat cat that maybe will let you pet her…maybe I MISSED YOU SO MUCH LIL NETFLIX 😼
🏡Home is where your amazing sister @themoderndamessociety leaves you a box of vegan donuts and a very sweet note upon your arrival 💖🍩 I LOVE MY SEASTARS💖
*”All My Life” by KC and JoJo plays softly in the background* #zippys #dakine #hawaiinei #icant

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